Become a Personal Chef


Now you too can become a personal chef. We have compiled all our knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive training program that is available for purchase.

Training Manual - includes the following items and accompanying computer files that are ready to use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Now You're Cooking:

  • Day to Day Operational Procedures - licensing requirements and health procedures; office set up; equipment list; shopping guidelines, recipe and inventory management; full procedures to perform a cooking day from start to finish.
  • Marketing - a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates the most effective and affordable marketing techniques available to personal chefs. All the work is done for you, this marketing plan is completed, not just a list of guidelines on how to create your own marketing plan. Our plan focuses on marketing activities that put you in direct contact with prospects, not ineffective and expensive advertising.
  • Website Marketing - techniques for effectively marketing your website and a FREE link to the Easy Elegance website.
  • Marketing Materials - brochures, menus, business cards, marketing scripts for contacting prospects, press releases, articles, customer newsletters are ready to use. These are not guidelines on how to produce these materials, but fully completed materials ready to print with your name and business information added.
  • Corporate Programs/Promotions - programs for marketing effectively to a corporate audience.
  • Financial Procedures - financial tracking procedures; guidelines for maintaining adequate insurance coverage and shopping for the best insurance coverage.
  • Recipe Management - all Easy Elegance recipes including favorites menu, vegetarian menu and seasonal menus for a total of over 150 recipes, all tested for success and profitability; guidelines for catering to special diet customers and modifying recipes to meet special diet requirements.

Ongoing Support - FREE Ongoing Support for one full year gives you the opportunity to review your manual and receive answers to questions as they arise from a working personal chef. In addition, you enjoy networking opportunities with our full association roster of chefs, and a FREE website link to the Easy Elegance website.

In-Person Training - a full five days of hands-on training is included with the purchase of your manual for no additional fees. This is not just classroom instruction, you will be accompanying and assisting one of our personal chefs on cooking days to fully experience what it is like to be a personal chef. You will be responsible for any travel and lodging expenses to an Easy Elegance Personal Chef location. If you cannot travel to us, teleconferencing training is available at no expense to you, we'll pay the long distance charges where applicable.

FREE Referrals - Don't be fooled, other personal chef associations can charge you up to $25 per referral. With Easy Elegance, your referrals are always FREE.

No Ongoing Fees, No Re-certification, No Hidden Charges -Your one time payment covers all the above materials, training and support.

Don't make all the costly mistakes of trying to start on your own, use the expertise and materials contained in this training program to get your business off to a running start!

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